Sos Phd is a free of charge service offered to Phd Students enrolled at the University of Padua. Specialists of the Department of Statistical Sciences offer advice and practical support to PhD Students in other research fields. Professors and scholars with expertise in statistics and data analysis ( offer their support at every stage of quantitative research projects: from data collection to statistical modeling, to results communication.

Basta una breve descrizione, sarà nostra cura richiedere eventuali chiarimenti e/o integrazioni
Basta una breve descrizione, sarà nostra cura richiedere eventuali chiarimenti e/o integrazioni


All the Phd Students at Padua University can ask Farestat support, at every stage of their research project, for research planning and/or methodological and empirical analysis.

FareStat consulting is completely free of charge and all data and results shall remain exclusive property of the Phd Student who has requested support.For very demanding inputs and tasks, FareStat shall propose to pass to a scientific collaboration or to an economic contract.


The consulting service for phd students offers methodological and operational support, covering most aspects of statistical analysis and modeling.

The FareStat centre offers a comprehensive list of services covering most aspects of a statistical analysis. For example, FareStat might provide support on the following areas: Experimental design; Sample survey design (questionnaire, computer assisted web interview, ecc.); Software selection for statistical analyses; Statistical programming language (R, SAS, Python, SPSS, …); Custom statistical modeling & analysis; Interpretation & presentation of statistical results


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All requests will be considered and, starting from internal resource availabilities, the online meetings will be scheduled. If tasks are simple, already at the first meeting methodologic and operative solutions might be provided. For more complex tasks, the first meeting will be used to better understand the request in order to arrange the terms of the service engagement.